More About Me

Growing up in Illinois and Indiana, my mom was always my hero. She was a single parent raising 3 busy boys. She often had to work two jobs to provide for us. Over the years she had many jobs, but the one that brought her the most satisfaction was when she was a real estate sales agent. Throughout her real estate career my mom turned many colleagues and clients into lifelong friends. Just out of college, my mom was an invaluable resource while I was buying my first and second rental properties in my home town of DeKalb, Illinois. Since that time, I have continued to be involved in real estate, but have always wondered if I should have followed in my mom's realtor footsteps right away.

Instead I studied accounting at the University of Illinois and Northern Illinois University. At that time, both Universities had top ranked accounting programs. I did not have a passion for accounting but thought it would be a good choice because I was good with numbers and could understand and apply laws and other regulations. After a few years of being chief accountant at a multi-million dollar business, I decided accounting was not my passion. Instead, I followed in another wonderful woman's footsteps and became a teacher like my wife. I have been in the education filed since then earning a master's degree in special education and a second maters's degree in educational leadership.